About us

Groupe Canvar Inc. is a general contractor and administrator of projects solidly implanted in the greater Montreal region since 1975.

Since it’s inception Groupe Canvar Inc. has specialized in the construction and renovation of all types of projects from industrial, commercial and residential.

In order to realize various types of projects Groupe Canvar Inc. has at its disposal a specialized staff of engineers, administration and superintendents, all dynamic and highly qualified, using the most up to date technology on the market, allowing for its competitive edge.

Supported by the vast experience of its team, Groupe Canvar Inc. aims at offering the best technical solutions so as to minimize the costs while maximizing the particular needs of each of its customers.


This expertise can help reduce unnecessary and unforeseen costs for customers before a project even begins.

Groupe Canvar Inc. is capable of offering administration and construction services in a wide range of domains such as commercial and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, convalescence centers, research centers, condominiums, apartment buildings, parking garages, etc.


The reliability, trustworthiness and dependability of Groupe Canvar Inc. and its dynamic team allow the longstanding contractor to realize numerous large, medium, and small-scale projects simultaneously.


The efficiency and the experience of Group Canvar Inc. thus allow it to offer construction and administration services of the highest quality.